Tether, the definitive invention not to lose the glasses in the dishwasher

A nuisance, washing the glasses in the dishwasher is a nuisance and a lottery. More than once we have put a glass of ball and we have taken crystalline rubble in its place. The dishwasher is like a water amusement park for our dishes, cutlery and glassware, and once the tickets have been sold, the hatch is closed and the gear button is activated, it becomes an uncontrollable spree, in which the cups are what worse stops.

Absolut Swarovski. A design by Philipp Plein

The other day when I showed you some original candles for the birthday cake, I was wondering if there was anything on the face of the earth to which Swarovski crystals had not added. The answer is no. I've seen everything from logical things like clothing, shoes, bags and accessories to much less coherent ones like toasters, beaters and even premises and houses decorated with the renowned crystals.

Macadamia and chocolate cookies. Recipe

Almost all of us have ever tried chip cookies and more than one have fallen before them, especially those who are very sweet, as is my case, in which it is rare the day I do not drink something sweet, so these appetizing cookies They have become part of my snacks in a constant way, and in a short time, we can enjoy a delicious freshly baked cookie, if friends come for a snack do not hesitate to prepare a batch, they will be delighted.

Edible confetti to say goodbye to the year

One of the essentials to end the year is the cotillion bags. These are made up of a general general of a matasuegras, a mask, a hat, streamers, pendants, trumpets and the king of all the year-end parties, the confetti. This year the City Council of Madrid has planned several novelties for those who come to celebrate the end of the year bells at the Puerta del Sol.

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Coq au vin or chicken wine recipe

The coq au vin or chicken with wine is part of the classic recipe book that we could find in restaurants about 20 years ago. And at home it really has remained a different way of eating chicken, outside the roasts and ordinary stews. You have to use good wine please. Of these things one never tires of warning.

Del Popolo, a traditional pizzeria in a truck

When I roasted hot while preparing the vegetarian calzone pizza recipe, I couldn't help remembering all the pizzerias that sweat the fat drop next to the oven day yes, day too. Especially Jon Darsky and Del Popolo, his traditional pizzeria mounted on a truck, with a stone-wood oven included.

Soccer World Cupcakes to cheer for the Mexican national team

The cakes disguise themselves as soccer players or everything that refers to football and encourages the Mexican national team in the World Cup. The Spanish pastry chef Manuel Cortés has placed Mexico in the center of the German pastry making these curious and significant cakes that allude to the Mexican presence in the World Cup.

Start the battle against the products that are priced

Some food products such as cheese The cow that laughs, no longer have a place in the Leclerc supermarket lines, begins the battle against the products that are priced. Leclerc is a French distribution chain of the most important and has decided to remove some products from its shelves because the prices they are reaching are excessive.

Baked stuffed baguette: recipe for a different dinner

What are you going to prepare for dinner today? Well, I propose something different to a sandwich and a pizza, a stuffed baked baguette. Yes, the truth is that how to change a simple loaf of bread with a good filling and a blow of oven. Since I discovered it, I repeat it with different fillings, so today I invite you to try it and give a twist to your dinners, in those days it is time to eat pecking.

Baked Lemon Chicken Cocotte. Recipe

Yesterday an unexpected gift arrived (from those that I like very much), it is a cocotte of Le Creuset like that of Julie & Julia's movie, something that in all kitchens would have to exist, well, like other things just as important. But for those who like cooking it is something really useful and fantastic.

Greixonera Dessert recipe

This greixonera recipe is a typical Ibizan dessert made with ensaimadas from the previous day. It is part of the menu of almost all the restaurants on the island, but there is nothing like preparing it at home. It is so easy to make and has such simple ingredients that there is no excuse for not trying it.

The boqueria market in Barcelona

The Boqueria market is very well known, both in Barcelona, ​​as well as outside it and I living in Tarragona and, having Barcelona so close I had never visited it. On a lightning visit to Barcelona, ​​I passed by the Boqueria, almost by accident and, what I could not do was pass by, so I missed the visit to the museum that I had planned and I got in full.

Eggs to snow

It is an ideal recipe for a light dinner, snow eggs are really easy to make and you will surely be surprised with the taste. The ingredients 4 hard-boiled eggs, 100 grams of foie gras, 50 grams of butter, 25 grams of flour, ¼ liter of milk, 8 slices of bread, some paprika, pepper and salt.

1st Contest of figures with cork stoppers 2008

Within the campaign of promotion and diffusion of the cork stopper that is being carried out for the valorization of the cork production of Andalusia, this 1st Contest of figures with cork stoppers has been presented 2008. According to its summoners, the Group Rural Development of the Alcornocales and the Strait, its objective is to highlight the important presence that the cork stopper still has as a way of closing wines and the cultural value of the same in homes.

Nasi Goreng, mustard chicken and more in Direct to the Palate Mexico

A new Monday reminds us that we started week and as always, we really want to give a new review of our colleagues' publications across the Atlantic. This week, we have Nasi Goreng, mustard chicken and more in Direct to the Palate Mexico. Surely, as happens every week, you will find many of his proposals as a discovery, an exotic flavor dish or an interesting way of cooking.

Weekly menu from August 9 to 15, 2010

One more week, we are arriving at the last stage of the summer, still with energy and desire to party, but past the equator of the season. As we are still resting on the sunbed, digesting the delights that gastronomic tourism holds for us, we will compose a quick weekly menu, in order to have time to travel and hurry the summer party.