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Baked eggs with fake ratatouille and provolone, easy and super fast recipe

I have these little casseroles that you see in the image of the recipe for a long time and another game without releasing, so I have prepared to make the occasional recipe for them because it is a shame not to use these good gifts. These baked eggs with false ratatouille and provolone are ideal to present as well, as you are checking, so do not leave out the mini cocottes if you have any.

I Edition of the Organic Food and Biodiversity Awards

With the purpose of stimulating and recognizing the effort made by various sectors of the agri-food industry in favor of organic food, the first edition of the Ecological Food and Biodiversity awards, a call organized by the Biodiversity Foundation, the MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food), the Spanish Society of Ecological Agriculture (SEAE) and the Spanish Ministry of Environment.

75 recipes with chocolate

Do you know someone who hates chocolate? I declare myself addicted to him, and I think it would even be strange for me to know of someone who couldn't stand him. It is an ideal ingredient to use in the kitchen, so we will review our best 75 chocolate recipes. Hold on because curves come, if at the very sight of a chocolate tablet you start to drool without being able to contain yourself, I assure you that reading such a delicious compilation can produce uncontrollable desires to empty the pantry.

How cheeses are preserved

We have two types of cheese, those of thick crust and those of thin crust, soft or tender pasta, the former can be perfectly preserved as they are while the latter are usually kept covered by different wrappers such as paraffin paper, satin or waxed paper. A cheese is properly preserved in a place that is fresh, not exceeding 15 º C, also if the place is better ventilated.

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All about green tea and your weight loss help

Infusions are in general, widely accepted in the usual diet, but one of the most recognized for its healthy properties is tea. Today we dedicate some lines to green tea in particular and we tell you all about this drink that can help you lose weight. The properties of green tea From Chinese medicine, green tea is considered a healthy drink highly recommended to care for and protect the body, since its properties include antioxidant power, because it contains high concentration of catechins and polyphenols, in even higher proportions to black tea or oolong tea as published in a study of the Journal of the American College of Nutrition.

Pumpkin pancakes or pancakes. Halloween Recipe

Luckily I had this recipe for pumpkin pancakes thought for a long time, because if not, with how clueless I am, I would have arrived the night of witches and I without offering you any Halloween recipe to take to your mouth. These pancakes or pumpkin pancakes are perfect to take advantage of the pulp of one of those pumpkins that we have emptied to decorate our home will stop terrifying night.

Sweet potato souffle. Recipe

The first souflé I made in my life was one of cheese and I must confess that it turned out badly. Since then I have already made a few and this sweet potato is at least the most original. The sweet potato has a slightly sweet taste and mixed with other ingredients, especially depending on the cheese we add, it can be a very original dish as a side dish or even as a main dish.

Cottonseeds, a new food source

In the search, by scientists, to find new food sources that can supply a population that suffers from serious problems to feed, such as the third world, an American biologist says she has found a way to obtain edible cotton seeds. Cottonseed has a highly toxic substance in its composition, which is not suitable for human consumption, but the biologist has managed to silence the gene that causes the formation of the toxin in cotton, which would allow the application to feed To millions of people.

Chef or head chef? Same dog with different collar

For many years the main gastronomic developments were developed in the neighboring country, it is therefore normal that many of the terms used in restoration are gallicisms. Terms like sommelier or maitre have no Spanish translation and have been Castilianized, normal. What is not normal is that what was known throughout life as head chef now goes to be called chef with the intention of establishing a professional barrier between them.

The 11 best recipes of Canarian cuisine

To talk about the cuisine of the Canary Islands is to talk about product, love and know-how. With exquisite ingredients such as cheeses, wines and fish, native and exclusive products such as gofio and sauces or mojos make gastronomy one of the attractions of any visit to the lucky islands.

Video recipe of tacos al pastor, a classic of Mexican cuisine

Tacos al pastor are a classic of Mexican cuisine. Small corn tortillas, lightly toasted, stuffed with a mixture of spiced pork with vegetables and pineapple. In its original version the meat is roasted on a vertical grill, stacked in the form of a spinning top, which rotates on its own axis (as is done with kebab meat).

Five ice creams that do not make you fat

What do ice creams that young and old like so much have? Well, they are great and feel great when it's hotter, of course. If we make them homemade we can have delicious ice cream every day, although it may not be the most appropriate to take care of the line on vacation. No problem, there are light recipes that we can also enjoy, such as these five ice creams that do not make you fat.