AECOSAN, the Spanish Agency for Consumer Affairs, Food Safety and Nutrition is born

On many occasions, when we tell you the odd news about food safety, a series of organizations, the Spanish Food Safety Agency, which together with the National Consumer Institute had an obligation to ensure the protection of health and safety of us as consumers and users, came out.

Well, since last January 17, a Royal Decree has been approved by which these two organizations are united into one, which will be renamed AECOSAN, Spanish Agency for Consumer Affairs, Food Safety and Nutrition that arises from the merger of the aforementioned.

This new institution will have as mission mainly meet three objectives, these will consist in summary form in the promotion and promotion of the rights of consumers promoting food security and offering guarantees and objective information, planning, coordinating and developing actions that promote health information and promotion in the field of nutrition , and especially in the prevention of obesity.

On the other hand the Agency will strengthen the presence of Spain in all decisions that have to do with food security and consumption within the European Union, as well as lead the direction of the three national reference laboratories in food matters.

Now to hope that effectively this union is more profitable for us as consumers that they were their two predecessor agencies separately, and that they can effectively defend the consumer by approaching their needs and interests.

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