Barista Bot, the robot who paints portraits in the coffee foam

In many trendy coffee shops the barista is able to sign the coffee he serves with great mastery, but I don't know what face he would have when he saw work at Barista Bot, the robot that paints portraits in the froth of coffee with milk. This prototype is currently created by General Electric and presented by Hypersonic, a New York company specializing in design furniture.

The Barista Bot was presented in society in the past SXSW 2013, a festival held in Texas and that brings together different artistic disciplines such as original music, independent film films as well as new technologies.

But How does this robot work? You start by taking a picture of the client through a webcam, transforming the computer to a line drawing that is sent to a 3D printer. This is when upon receiving this print order the robotic arm of the Barista Bot draws the portrait with a medical syringe into the milk of the coffee.

At the moment it is only a prototype and shows many defects that I imagine will be corrected with the passage of time, one of them is the slowness with which the robot draws, which causes the coffee to be cold once Barista Bot has just drawn. Something unforgivable for a good coffee lover, but of course it is what the ego has, or choose a hot coffee or our portrait in the foam.