How to make beer bread. Recipe

Bread and beer are foods that have been consumed since ancient times and have common roots, since both foods are based on cereals and fermentation occurs in both as a result of the intervention of yeasts. That is why it will not be strange for you to tell you today how to make beer bread.

Although I have used a toasted red beeralmost black guy stout, you can make this same recipe with a beer type Ale or Lager type without any problem, and the only difference you will notice will be that the interior color of the bread will be whiter than this one that was a little more colored. In any case, the result is delicious bread, and also suitable for everyone because the alcohol in the beer evaporates.

Ingredients for a one kilo bread

  • 200 ml of beer, 100 of water, 200 grams of sourdough, 500 grams of flour, 10 grams of salt

How to make beer bread

You can find many recipes of bread in which beer is used since the yeasts it contains and even its bubbles of carbonic gas help the fermentation of bread dough with what cam super as you will see in the images.

We start by dissolving the sourdough in the beer and stir a little so that it mixes well. If you have not made sourdough, you can prepare a mixture of 100 gr of wholemeal flour and 100 ml of water, add an envelope of dry yeast and let it react for a couple of hours and use that mixture that also weighs 200 gr instead of the sourdough with similar results , although it will have somewhat less flavor.

In the bowl we add the flour of strength, and we are mixing it. We dissolve the salt in the 100 ml of water and we also incorporate it, mixing until obtaining a more or less compact dough, which will be a bit sticky at first. After kneading it in two batches of 5 minutes with a break of ten between one and the other, it will begin to be more manageable.

We leave the dough in the bowl and we give it a crease every half hour up to a total of 4 folds in two hours. You will see how it increases in size and how the folds help to form the gluten network. Once it has been lifted, we give it the desired shape and leave it in a banetón or in a basket with a rag so that it is slight and with its definitive shape. Here there is a large increase in volume after a rest of about 3 hours at room temperature.

To give it one fun wayI glued four oblique cuts with the scissors like a greña and then folded back the piquito forming a curl when folding it. Then I baked it for 50 minutes at 220º with the oven tray filled with water so that there was a lot of moisture inside.

Important, you have to let the bread cool very slowly to finish cooking inside. Although it smells divinely we have to wait to be very cold before cutting it. The crust is very crispy and the interior is full of alveoli, with a rather spongy crumb.

Processing time | 50 minutes of more kneaded oven and rest Difficulty | Half


This beer bread is great for toasting because it keeps its moisture very well for a few days, making it great for breakfast. Of course, if you use it to make some toasts and put some anchovies on top, for example, you can jump to tears. Now that you know how to make beer breadWho is encouraged to make his own?

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