Sanidad confirms that the meat shredded with Listeria also reached Castilla-La Mancha and Tenerife and raises the alert throughout Spain

News continues around the Listeria outbreak detected in the mecha meat brand Mecha, which is on its way to becoming a food crisis of national scope.

Although the vast majority of the meatloaf was distributed in Andalusia, yesterday we learned that some of the contaminated pieces they had reached Extremadura -where the first cases have been confirmed- and Madrid. Today the Minister of Health, Consumer Affairs and Social Welfare in office, María Luisa Carcedo, has also pointed out that "minimum quantities" of the meat affected by the bacteria Listeria Moncytogenes they also arrived at Castilla-La Mancha and Tenerife. The minister has decreed the limentaria alert nationwide.

Directly to the Palate The first deceased due to the Listeria outbreak arrives and we all wonder why it took more than a week to raise the alarm

This has been explained in statements to the Cadena Ser, where he said that, in addition to the 80 cases of poisoning in Andalusia and the two suspected abortions, a case of listeriosis has been confirmed in Extremadura and there are four others under study in this community and the possibility of another in Madrid. The good news is that pollution in Girona has been ruled out because, although there was a lot that had been sent there, it never reached its destination.

The minister has insisted that all the roasted meat of the affected brand manufactured since May is immobilized, and has influenced the fact that the outbreak must now be stopped, the diseases treated, and then see where the failure occurred.

The Minister of Health and Families of Andalusia, Jesús Aguirre.

Laboratory errors

This morning we have also known that a error in the laboratory of the City Council of Seville, the one in charge of analyzing the samples of the contaminated meat, delayed up to six days the identification of the meat meat contaminated with Listeria.

This has been told Antonio R. Vega in ABC of Seville, which explains, in addition, that City Council and Board (commanded by PSOE and PP-Citizens, respectively) They blame each other for the mistake.

An error in the identification delayed the alarm almost a week

A report from the Ministry of Health, to which this newspaper has had access, states that “the fact that there was an error in the identification of the samples in the Municipal Laboratory of the City Council of Seville has made the orientation of the investigation and possibly the adoption of measures in the Seville company It has been delayed four days. ” Although, in reality, the delay could have been almost a week.

The City Council blames the error on the Board, because it ensures that the samples were badly labeled and it was indicated that the meat from Malaga was from Seville, and that from Seville - which was the cause of the outbreak - from Malaga.

All this disaster caused the food alert to be delayed from August 9, when the meat contaminated with Listeria was identified, on the 15th, when the error was corrected and it was clear that the outbreak came from the meat of the Magrudis company, located in Seville.

Video: Spain issues international alert after country's biggest ever listeria outbreak - Sky News Daily (January 2020).