Network cooks, a gastronomic community that respects the environment

A group of chefs Spaniards, small producers together with an online food sales platform, come together to create the community Red Cooks to promote sustainable consumption through direct purchase from small producers and thus promote the sustainable economy and the respect for the environment.

The new current of the population is to make use of healthier and less genetically modified foods. In addition, caring for the environment is increasingly a necessity and obviously, this is also being reflected in the restoration. This is the opinion of Josean Merinorestaurant chef MarmitaCo of Vitoria, one of the main drivers of Network Cooks that was born to generate in the sector a movement that consolidates sustainable habits in our businesses, as well as a fairer and more responsible consumption.

Many times cooks and families have a hard time getting access to local and quality products. Furthermore, being able to buy directly from the gardener, for example, we encourage a fair price and with it a development of the economy.

Community already has 160 members between hospitality and catering professionals and producers from all over Spain. The idea is that the menus teach the traceability of the ingredients.

Within the programmed activities, Red Cooks plans to bring together hoteliers and restaurateurs, consumers and customers, as well as producers, with the aim of fostering respectful habits and sharing experiences, recipes and tips to extend a more responsible culinary culture.

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