Gutmann Dunkel beer tasting

The weekend and beer are faithful friends. It is time to relax from work days and there is nothing like a cool and tasty beer to disconnect from everything. This week I could taste a bottle of Gutmann Dunkel, that a good friend brought me from Germany a while ago, and that I was saving for a special occasion, such as the final of the King's Cup between FC Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao.

Is about a Dunkel wheat beer (Dunkles in German), which are characterized by their dark, brown color pulling black. It is also known as München, since it is native to the regions of Bohemia and Bavaria, and almost all German breweries have one in their catalog, as it is a very common variety.

Gutmann Dunkel beer tasting

Presented in a half-liter dark glass bottle, with an elegant black label with white and gold letters, the first thing that draws attention when pouring Gutmann beer into the glass is its color - and that we already knew is Dunkel - dark brown with coppery highlights, very opaque even in the light.

The foam is abundant, as usual in this type of beers, with a creamy color and quite consistency. A thin layer of foam on beer persists at all times, a bit like Guinness beers. Gasification is very fine, barely noticeable to the eye.

In the nose they appear large number of nuances, due to the higher proportion of aromatic hops that are used to compensate for the bitterness of the malt. I have noticed notes of banana, coffee, chocolate and cloves, maybe some caramel and also the sweetness of the cereal.

In his mouth he surprises his thin and light body, with very little carbon, something that one does not expect given its dark color. Notes similar to those of the nose appear, such as bananas or cloves, but the most important thing is its little bitterness, with a dry finish that invites you to have a drink after another.

Definitely, the Gutmann Dunkel is a special beer, very different from those we usually drink on our land, so used to lager blonde beers. Its rich and varied aromas make it a beer to enjoy and taste while enjoying the company of friends and a good football game, or whatever you like to see.

Gutmann Dunkel beer

Dunkel beer 5.2% Vol Score: 8.5

Video: Gutmann Dunkles Hefeweizen By Brauerei Fritz Gutmann. German Craft Beer Review (March 2020).