How to raise good cholesterol with the help of cooking

When we talk about cholesterol We always imagine that the best thing is that it is at low levels in the body, however, not all cholesterol is bad but we forget that there are two very different cholesterol fractions in the body, LDL cholesterol also called bad and HDL cholesterol nicknamed good cholesterol. Today we tell you how to raise good cholesterol with the help of cooking.

Why take good cholesterol?

He good cholesterol It refers to a type of cholesterol that circulates in blood transported by high-density lipoproteins, and contrary to what happens with bad cholesterol, these lipoproteins carry cholesterol from the arteries to the liver, that is, they "clean" our arteries and carry the cholesterol extracted from them to the liver to be metabolized.

Thats why he HDL cholesterol It is considered good and above all, it is a protective factor against cardiovascular diseases, because it prevents the accumulation of fats in the arteries and helps take care of your heart.

Unlike what happens with total cholesterol and LDL or bad cholesterol, Low levels of good cholesterol are harmful to health. Therefore, good cholesterol levels should also be controlled by preventing their blood level from being below 40 mg / dl in men and 50 mg / dl in women.

How to raise good cholesterol with the help of cooking

The fat of the diet have great influence on our health but they are not the only factor that affects HDL or good cholesterol levels, however, knowing the effect of different types of fats on the body we can know how to raise good cholesterol with the help of cooking.

The consumption of cholesterol with food, that is, of foods that contain this substance such as butters, egg yolks, sausages and cold cuts, does not affect good cholesterol levels, nor does the consumption of polyunsaturated fatty acids or of Saturated fats present mainly in foods of animal origin.

But we should know that the intake of trans fat lowers HDL cholesterol levels or good in the body, therefore, if we want to take care of their levels with the help of the kitchen, we must reduce the use of snacks, cookies, pastries, bag fries, pre-prepared or industrialized foods, margarines, frozen potatoes or others .

It is also important to note that monounsaturated fatty acids positively affect good cholesterol levels by raising it in blood. Then, including ingredients that contain this type of fat in the kitchen will help to raise good cholesterol, for example: olive oil, nuts, sunflower oil, olives, avocado, pork and canola oil.

Of course, avoiding cigarettes as well as physical activity and leaving a sedentary lifestyle aside is a great complement to the diet If we want to raise good cholesterol.

Recipes to raise good cholesterol

Given the above, if we want raise good cholesterol with the help of cooking we must avoid foods high in trans fat among the ingredients used and increase the use of foods rich in monounsaturated fatty acids.

Some recipes that will help raise good cholesterol They are:

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