Italian trifle Recipe

The other day I explained how to make a quick custard for those recipes where it should be included as part of the preparation. So today I put you to work a little in the kitchen so that you can put it into practice, because this italian trifle It incorporates it among its ingredients.

The trifle actually it's a british dessert which was already prepared at the end of the 16th century by English sailors with biscuits soaked in brandy and covered in cream. The one that I bring you today is not so rustic, but more adapted to the palates of the whole family. For this, I have burned the brandy so that its alcohol evaporates and the coffee is decaffeinated espresso, so we can enjoy it all at home.

Ingredients for four cups

  • 50 gr of dark chocolate desserts, 300 ml of custard, 100 ml of espresso coffee, 6 tablespoons of cognac, 125 gr of biscuits of soletilla, chocolate noodles to decorate.
  • For the custard: 500 ml of milk, 2 yolks, 40 gr of cornstarch, 6 tablespoons of sugar, 1 tablespoon of vanilla essence.

How to make Italian trifle

Start melting the chocolate Bain-marie carefully so that it does not enter water or microwaves for half a minute ensuring that it does not burn. The custard can be made in a small bowl or in the microwave as preferred, for any of the two forms the same amount of ingredients would be worth. Spread the custard in two containers and add one of them melted chocolate, mixing well until integrated and get a chocolate cream.

Mix the coffee with the liquor, previously burned to evaporate the alcohol if it is going to be taken by children or people who cannot. In a bowl chop the biscuit biscuits, throw the coffee with the cognac over them and leave them about two minutes to soak something but without undone too much.

In some glasses or cups go layering of vanilla cream, biscuits and chocolate cream. Continue until we have two layers of each cream and finish with the chocolate. Let cool for at least half an hour. Garnish with some dark chocolate noodles.

Processing time | 15 minutes
Difficulty | Easy


This italian trifle It will remind us, by the mixture of liquor and coffee, to a smooth tiramisu but without the fat that the mascarpone brings. So it is a slightly lighter sweet alternative, especially if the custard is prepared with skim milk.

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