What kitchen utensil could not do without? the question of the week

Today is the question of the week for the section Answers from Direct to the Palate. This week's question is related to the utensils we use for cooking.

What kitchen utensil could not do without?

Each of us has some needs when cooking. Some are rather restrained at the time of their purchases of kitchen utensils and they manage with few things, others buy everything, drawers full of instruments for grating, peeling, crushing, all kinds of kitchen appliances and robots, come on, you can't go through a store and not take any stuff.

But let us be as we all have in our kitchen some utensil or appliance that we could not do without, that if they took it from us it would seem that we could no longer cook as comfortably or well as before. That's why today we want to know What kitchen utensil could not do without? As always, we thank you for leaving your answers directly to the Palate Answers and not in the comments of this post.

Last week's question: What mistake would you not forgive in a restaurant?

This week there is almost a unanimous response, lack of hygiene and lack of professionalism are the two mistakes that people least forgive when they go to a restaurant.

The most valued response has been that of ankabri, which in summary comes to say the following:

Unforgivable would be the lack of hygiene, professionalism and that they take the client for a fool. In addition, you should always protest when we disagree on something and not just stick with the phrase "I will not return to this site".

We await your answers to the question of the week What kitchen utensil could not do without? We want to know what you need yes or yes in your kitchen no matter how small and what you think makes your life “culinary” talking easier when preparing your dishes. The most valued answers to this question you will see here for the next week.

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