Ricardo House. A classic among Madrid restaurants

Like every year, my friends and I have eaten again in Casa Ricardo, a classic Madrid restaurant, which he approves again with a good note, exceeding the expectations of our Christmas visit. This food house, which opened in 1935, continues to work traditional cuisine with a good hand, combining quality ingredients with a know-how, which does not disappoint.

The decoration of the place is classic tavern with food, that is, marble tables covered with the classic checkered tablecloth, bullfighting atmosphere and many photos of celebrities and regulars, filling the walls. Over the years, my friends and I have managed to see our own photo hanging inside, but achieving such an honor has cost us many years of fidelity.

I tell you what was a great tasting menu, which we prepared with the most outstanding dishes of this restaurant, since we were a large group and we were able to order almost all of their specialties. Although this restaurant closed for a couple of weeks last year, it has already overcome its difficulties, and as we were confirmed, it will remain open, which fills us with joy.

We start with some entrees: At Casa Ricardo you have to order grilled asparagus, serrano ham croquettes with homemade tomato sauce and black pudding with pine nuts. They are authentically essential. To drink, we order wine from the wineries Ramón Bilbao (Rioja Alta).

How strong plates, I recommend that, if you can, ask for the specialties of the house, that is, the corns and the oxtail that you have on these lines. Other times we have eaten lamb gizzards, very good, but this year there was not. What they did have were the great squid in their ink with white rice that of course we also ordered.

For dessert, you should try the pancakes filled with custard, because they are really good, and the profiteroles, also homemade and of good quality. If you feel like it, they also usually have the pioneers of Santa Fe (Granada) and the famous drunk biscuits of Hernando House (Guadalajara).

In the end, you will be delighted with the food and with the friendliness of the staff of Ricardo House. A classic in Madrid restaurants, which I love to go to eat accompanied by friends.

Ricardo House

C / Fernando el Católico 31 Tel. 91 4476119 Madrid 28015 Price per person, 30 euros including wine

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