Dexter candies for Halloween

Probably many of you will have heard of Dexter, that psycho killer who imparts his justice with a knife and plastic punch. A whole character with whom it is not difficult to feel empathy, who have seen the series already know what I am talking about. The bloody resources of this excellent series are a good reason to imitate on Halloween, and today we see how to make some candies that mimic the glass plates that Dexter jealously stores in a box in his apartment, those that contain a drop of blood from each of his victims.

With the help of a silpat, and by work and grace of a sugar syrup and a strategic drop of food coloring, you can make these candies, from which you can see the image and the steps of realization in this link; It is in English, but if you do not manage the language, surely with the help of a translator you can decipher the process.

A detail that you will surely like in the Halloween parties, because it is a bit of the typical thing on these dates, that not everything will be pumpkins and skeletons slanted to be scary.

Video: Dexter & the Halloween candy dish (March 2020).