Walk through the gastronomy of the LXIV network

The walk through the gastronomy of the network this week, I have given it to sites unknown to me, I have found them in a blog that I usually follow, where on the side a list of “friendly blogs” appeared, I have dedicated myself to click on the links that didn't sound like anything to me and I've had pleasant surprises.

Cheese and quince It is written by a student from Barcelona, ​​who seems to have a broken heart between pastry and vegetarian cuisine, we can see some beautiful photos and learn to cook a seaweed salad with tofu and tuna.

Another student from Barcelona, ​​through Le petit chat roseHe teaches us naturally how to make an appetizing Lemon Layer Cake with Lemon curd and blueberries for example, or how he feels and what he thinks when he walks through a park, a street, looks at a shop window or visits a store, thanks to some inspired texts and careful photos.

The author of The mambalina, lets us see immediately that she is passionate about desserts, as evidenced by this recipe of caramelized chestnuts, which manage to make our mouths water in a second.

In Days of coverage, the entrance where Marivi has explained how her husband Crab apple jelly does or what is the same thing is the jelly of wild apples, the idea of ​​how to make the giant colander she needed for as much apple as she had, is priceless.

The authors say that There is no one here to eat, but I do not explain why they say it, since the dishes they show us clearly indicate that everyone can eat and not only eat, if not taste and enjoy with each of them, as this quiche vosgienne demonstrates.

With the funny name of with the claws in the dough, so I feel many times when something does not go as well as I should, we found a blog where we can see, among a large assortment of recipes, is titled "THE" hamburger bread by Martín Berasategui, looking to be perfect for what they say.

When I entered the blog kitchenx2, which Laurita writes from Malaga, I could not help smiling when I saw the title of one of her last recipes Panecillos catetos, I found them perfect to put in the middle of anything, even if it is a "simple drizzle of oil", if used to dipping the sauce gives me the feeling that they could be a not able to stop.

And finally I found Wivith an Aragonese pro, who writes the blog Little knives, I think it's the name of a traditional sweet, and that cooks things as showy and tasty as this potato and foie montadito.

I think it was worthwhile to entertain myself for a while, and look carefully at each one of them and discover new and interesting things, which I will continue from now on.

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