Walk through the gastronomy of the LX network

The return of the holidays has been noticed and the variety presented by blogs is really wonderful, new ideas and many proposals to enjoy cooking is what the network holds. No doubt the walk through the gastronomy of the LX network It keeps giving me great moments that invite me to keep trying new recipes.

  • We started the walk with a holiday, last day 8, it was Asturias Day and to celebrate it Comoju He has made us enjoy a delicious dish of Chorizos a la Sidra that captivates those who pass through his kitchen, simply exquisite.

  • And how good a piece of bread would do for these sausages, right? Mesilda's kitchen, shows us some splendid Greek yogurt rolls, with a crumb that encourages you to try the recipe as soon as you see them.

  • Salty cakes are something I usually prepare frequently, I consider it a very versatile dish and that they have many advantages besides being delicious, that's why I never stop trying new proposals, the Zucchini and saffron cake that you have prepared Sky Snacks I find it delicious, zucchini brings a unique softness to this type of dishes.
  • And as the breakfasts or snacks have a sweet spot in my house, see the Brioche with raisins and orange glaze that I made Dolores de In the heat of a cake It has made me think that I should not spend more time without preparing one, his proposal looks extraordinary and I love the fluffiness it shows.
  • And as you know, I love biscuits, at home they are never lacking and this week I decided to try the La Creuse hazelnut sponge cake Cuinant, a sponge cake as María Dolores tells us with a great taste and a wet texture.
  • Chocolate desserts are my downfall, I admit, is to see one and fall asleep, so when I saw the Chocolate Bavaries of The cuina monI just had to prepare it for the weekend, it's tempting.
  • And if you want to impress with an original cake, you can't miss seeing the Maria Cookie Cake that Irmina has made Dessert bag, since it recreates the traditional Maria-type cookie in the form of a cake, certainly a unique dessert.
  • And finally, if you want to try a good homemade jam recipe, Penny de The corner of the Butterfly It shows us an extraordinary Brevas Jam that we will surely enjoy, either to accompany breakfast or to add it to any cake or dessert.

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