Tapas Revolution, the gastronomic crusade of Omar Allibhoy

Put the Spanish tapas on the map. This is the mission of Omar Allibhoy, a Spanish chef based in London who is touring Britain by motorcycle on a tour he has called Tapas Revolution, to publicize Spanish cuisine in the country. For this he has drawn a route, a T along the map, which he will complete by cooking for free for everyone who asks for it.

Omar Allibhoy arrived in London after training with Ferrán Adrià, and is the alma mater the Tapas Pirate restaurant. Tired of verifying that Spanish cuisine is not known or appreciated enough in the United Kingdom, he prepared the duffel bag and set up the motorcycle to undertake this delicious trip with his friend Daniel Campos-Sancho.

The tapero tour, which began on July 19 in Liverpool, is a great experience for them. People contact them through the phone, their blog or the social networks in which they are present, and they cook with what they find in their British refrigerators. In his blog you can take account of the trip and the dishes they are preparing. We have seen some potatoes Riojana's style to remove the sense, fried squid, meatballs, marinade fish, tortillas ...

This gastronomic trip will come to an end next week on the Isle of Wight, cooking tapas and dishes for the Spanish Navy.