Three bishops Rosé of modern cut in the Bierzo

It is curious that a wine with a name so sacred, as opposed to the natural disinhibition that usually accompanies the behavior in summer, incites more to transgression than to spiritual backwardness. And is that the Three bishops It is a promiscuous wine by nature, which conveniently marries most situations in which we can test it on our table this summer.

The three Bishops, is a rosé wine made, from the quintessential Bercian variety, the mencía, by Pittacum wineries, winery located in the town of Arganza, in lands of the Bierzo Leonese and belonging to the Terras Gauda Group.

It owes its name to the legend that, looking for a place of equidistant distance, it locates the bishops of Astorga, Orense and Lugo to Bercian lands, as the origin of council secrets where to expose and resolve their concerns.

The three bishops are presents with a beautiful and marked raspberry rose, clean and bright and intense and abundant tear.

In nose It shows with little intensity, although with remarkable diversity. In the foreground emerge the effluviums of red fruit, strawberries and raspberries mainly, light lactic notes and subtle herbaceous and balsamic touches accompanied by sweet memories of jelly beans and sweets.

If something shy is shown in the nose, in mouth It is presented with arrogant personality, with a fresh and creamy entrance that acts as a remarkable prelude to an intense tour, the remarkable acidity that it presents does not exempt the wine from a warm ending, where, by retronasal route the most interesting olfactory notes reappear ( ripe red fruit, spices and dairy).

Three Bishops 2008

Winery: Pittacum Zone: Bierzo Grape: Mencía Wine: Rosado Price: 6 Euros Score: 8

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