Horse mackerel Recipe

I love the simple meals. Go to the fish market with no idea what to do to eat, observe, choose and prepare a delicious delicacy in a plis. It is perfect. This horse mackerel recipe It has been like that. As soon as I entered the fish market, these so fresh and beautiful horse mackerels looked at me and, of course, I brought them home.

Once at home and half an hour after lunch, I had to decide quickly. First turn on the oven that is heating. A visit to the fridge to see what can accompany the horse mackerel, some vegetables, a rest of the fry last night will serve. Has been very fast And the result tasty, juicy and very rich. Let me tell you.

The ingredients

4 ration horse mackerel, EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), coarse salt and vegetables to accompany.

Preparation of horse mackerel on the back

We open the fish from top to bottom with the help of a sharp knife, we clean them, the we wash and place them, skin down, on a baking sheet lightly smeared with EVOO. Sprinkle with salt and a few drops of EVOO and we bake at 180º (in hot oven), with both resistances, 10 minutes, until the horse mackerel begins to brown. We fill, decorate with a few drops of EVOO, accompany salad and serve.

Processing time | 15 minutes Difficulty | Easy

The horse mackerel tasting on the back

This horse mackerel recipe It is very enjoyable if you eat well, I explain myself, this is eaten by putting your fingers, that is, you take the head, the spine and suck and nibble, because that is where the biggest substance of the fish is. They are usually the most toasted parts and where the juices have been caramelized resulting in a delicious concentrated flavor.

As for the accompaniment, I have taken it with very cold beer, a toast to be exact. Simply delicious A cheap, healthy and very tasty dish. If you want to enrich it, you can accompany it with some cooked potatoes and some homemade mayonnaise. Mediterranean cuisine one hundred by one hundred.

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