Walk through the gastronomy of the network: comforting recipes to get warm

After a freezing weekend, it seems that the storm will return strongly the next days well loaded with wind, rain and snow. It is what he touches on these dates, so it is also time to seek refuge in the kitchen. So we savor the spoons to savor the comforting dishes that the Walk around the cuisine of the network from today.

Soups, creams, stews, broths, stews, casseroles ... there is nothing like having a good assortment of steaming dishes to get warm When winter knocks on the door. Something has the spoon that tastes like childhood and home, with very easy recipes in which the most difficult thing is to have patience to let each element develop its full potential.

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Stew and soup recipes here and there

Garlic soup with Serrano ham Cooking between olive trees

We are going to tear this ode to the spoon with a typical dish of our gastronomy, an example of the most humble but also nutritious and irresistible cuisine. Ana Maria of Cooking among olive trees It teaches us to prepare the traditional garlic soup with serrano ham, with a texture of the most appetizing.

Also full of Mediterranean flavors is the minestrone soup of Flavors Game, which, as Ana tells us, is part of the “poor kitchen” of Italian cuisine, which also knows how to take advantage of its natural resources. Beans, vegetables, ham, broth, pasta ... it is a dish that feeds in every way, perfect to be more than satiated without having to complicate with more complicated menus.

Minestrone Soup Game Soup

Another stew to eat with a spoon or dipping a lot of bread is the recipe for stewed pasta with vegetables and seitan, cooked by Delokos. A vegan proposal that will delight the whole family, and that has reminded me a lot of pasta stews that are usually cooked at my parents' house.

Vegan ramen with Shoot the Cook tofu

Now we take a great leap to distant lands to bring Asian flavors to our table. If the ramen has become fashionable outside of Japan, it is because it conquers all who try it, and also admits thousands of variations. In Fabrisa's kitchen we have the recipe for chicken ramen and marinated egg, while in Shoot the Cook We can prepare a vegan version with tofu and many vegetables.

We resume legumes with the proposal of Sefa's good yantar, white beans with chard, sausage and bacon, a perfect example of home cooking with a foundation, in which it is essential to have good quality ingredients, such as Fuentes's sweet onion or Leon's chorizo.

Casserole of fish and seafood from Pasen and taste

María José de Come in and taste A total enthusiast of sea stews is declared, and I join her without any doubt. Some always fall at Christmas but nothing prevents us from continuing to enjoy them when there is still so much winter ahead; Does anyone cheer up with their fish and seafood casserole recipe? It is an ideal dish to prepare without haste during the weekend.

Also for lovers of the flavors of the sea is the monkfish soup that Carmina teaches us about Pot Soup. With prawns or prawns, clams, almond stir-fry and bread, a touch of saffron and brandy ... it's almost as my mother prepares it, which also adds a touch of ñoras. The broth of this soup deserves a monument by itself and shows that it is always worth making it homemade when there is good raw material.

Gourmet rice with pumpkin from Kitchen for the poor

We finish this comforting walk with more recipes focused on the vegetable world. First, a tasty pumpkin rice, easy, cheap and very healthy, with the recipe of Magdalena de Kitchen for the poor. I loved the touch of turmeric and emmental cheese, which can surely be replaced by another variety to taste.

In Adita's Kitchen we can see the recipe for tomato soup with poached eggs, which shows that not only cold soups can be prepared with this vegetable, and in Carmen's Rezetas One of my favorite creams of recent years awaits us. The cream of peppers is a delight that I have already cooked in different versions, but I need to try a variation with piquillo peppers like the one Carmen proposes.

Roasted carrot and sweet potato soup of 24 carrots

The cream of canned tomatoes with cheese has also tempted me a lot Calabajío Market, perfect to take advantage of the reservations I have in the pantry waiting since summer. And it was clear that the roasted carrot and sweet potato soup 24 carrots he bore my name; I love the creamy creams prepared with roasted root vegetables. The color and texture are second to none.

I hope that with all these recipes of comforting spoon dishes you have enough resources to better cope with the next days of cold. I wait for you in seven days with the last Walk around the cuisine of the network This January, maybe already preparing carnivals.

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