How to make a velouté sauce

In the cooking course we continue with the international basic sauces. Today we will learn how to make a velouté sauce. Something that can get us out of more than one predicament on occasion.

Velouté sauce is nothing more than a white background or a fumet (fish broth) tied with a white or blond roux. In some cases part of the bottom or fumet is replaced by milk or even white wine to flavor.

Ingredients for our velouté sauce

  • 1/2 liter of fish or white bottom fumet, 100 ml of milk, 30 grams of butter and 30 grams of flour.

Velouté elaboration

We will start doing the roux. He roux is nothing but a mixture of flour and butter lightly toasted Depending on the preparation, the roasting level will be higher or lower. In this way we get white, blond or dark roux. Understanding white as the least cooked and dark, the most cooked.

For the velouté sauce We are interested in roasting it as little as possible. Leaving her blonde or even white, almost without cooking.

Then we add our broth. In this case it is a Fish stock, we will gradually pour the broth, as if we made a béchamel. Although we are interested in making velouté much more liquid. We want a thick sauce, not as much as a bechamel. But on other occasions, maybe we can make a much thicker velouté.

We let cook about 10 at the end, adding if necessary some more broth at the end.


Thus explained, the velouté sauce It looks a lot like a Spanish sauce or even a béchamel sauce. The substantial difference is that a velouté can be given different points, leaving it more or less liquid at pleasure. In fact, velouté is rarely used as is, as it serves as the basis for other elaborations of the same sign of the white background or the fumet.