Common salt substitute: Potassium chloride NaCl or KCl?

No one doubts that the excessive salt intake is directly related to the increase in blood pressure, and that this is linked, sooner or later, to cardiovascular problems and other health complications. When this happens, our doctor first advises us is the salt reduction in our diet.

Of course, this is very easy to say and a little more complicated to do. Try to cook without salt, and unless you use other ingredients to enhance the flavors such as spices, you will see how bland and unappealing that your favorite dish can become.

Well, via Bertus' blog we recently learned that there is a solution, a common salt substitute: he Potassium chloride.

Our friend Bertus He tells us that the main problem of salt lies in the sodium present in its composition. Remember that common salt is neither more nor less than sodium chloride (NaCl). But in nature there are other salts. One of them is potassium chloride (KCl), which seems to have the same flavoring properties as common salt but which has not been used in cooking because of its metallic taste.

The novelty is that the company “Bell Flavors and Fragances” He has developed a product based on potassium chloride without the unpleasant metallic taste that can perfectly replace common salt without noticing the difference in the palate, but that our arteries do notice.

As always, we will have to wait a while to see this salt on the shelves of our supermarkets. Until then, you know friends, take care ... Do not drink salt, do not drink alcohol and be good ;-)

Video: Potassium Chloride As An Alternative To Sodium Chloride (March 2020).