Fluorine added to food and water

He fluoride is an essential mineral for the dental and bone health. It has been added to drinking water for many years in the US, since this measure reduces cases of cavities, especially in children. Similar measures have been taken in many European countries.

With this increase in ingested fluoride doses, the tooth enamel be more resistant to bacterial attack and also strengthens the bone matrix, increasing bone density.

The WHO has stated that fluoride is the only effective preventive treatment in the caries prevention childish. He flourada waterTherefore, it is the best way to ingest this mineral, although there are some foods rich in fluoride such as black tea, fish and seafood.

Despite its undoubted advantages, the excess intake can cause a disease called fluorosis, since the amounts necessary for the organism are minimal and immediately toxic doses can be reached, although it is unlikely with the doses that are managed in the fluoridation of drinking water.

Already in the 50s Switzerland began to add fluoride to salt table, getting very good results in the prevention of childhood caries. Other alternatives are the use of toothpastes and fluoride mouthwashes, and even supplements as drops or tablets at an early age, up to 16 years.