Preparation of souffles with Thermomix

The souffles or suflés they are elaborations based on snow-white whites, mixed gently with a light bechamel and egg yolks. To adequately raise the heat of the oven must be used special molds, usually ceramic, smooth walls, called "ramequines." The elaboration of souffles with Thermomix It is very simple and fast.

There's a lot souffle recipes, whether salted (asparagus, lobster, potatoes, cauliflower, etc.), or sweets (chocolate, for example). But the elaboration technique is always similar. First we will make a béchamel sauce, as we explained in detail in its corresponding chapter. We will put the milk together with the flour and butter directly in the glass, mixing a few seconds at speed 4. Then we will cook the cream 8-10 minutes at 90-100º, speed 2, or until it thickens.

The sauce is allowed to warm, and now we add the yolks and the main ingredient cooked and in pieces, for example, the potato or asparagus. Season and beat at 4-5 speed a few seconds until everything is well mixed and there are no lumps. It is reserved separately. Now we will mount the egg whites until stiff strong, in the clean and dry glass, at speed 3 ½.

Carefully mix the whites mounted with the bechamel, using rods or spatula, to prevent them from lowering. At the moment the mixture is put in the mold, either one familiar or several individual ramequines, smoothing the surface. They bake in a moderate oven until they rise and brown on the surface.

He cooking time It is variable, depending on the size of the mold used. For the big ones it will take 20-30 minutes, and 10-15 in the little ones. It is served at the moment, since in a few minutes, when it cools, they get off and lose their wonderful spongy appearance.