Gastronomic candle holders

Almost as important as serving a good meal is doing it in a well decorated table. Today we have a variety of decorative elements in stores to do it, but what if we ourselves we design our centerpieces?

With this ingenious gadget we can transform any fruit or vegetable into an original candle holder or support for flowers. Apples, lemons, watermelons, pumpkins ... will give a different touch to your table and if your guests are hungry, they can always eat them.

But you don't always have to buy gadgets to be able to create that decorative impact we are looking for. In the Cooking with Ana blog, I discovered a very creative and creative way to achieve the same effect. Simply with some colored peppers and imagination Ana has developed a centerpiece, where the protagonists far from being the ingredient of a dish they are a beautiful candle holder.

Following Ana's instructions, you just have to cut the top of the peppers, remove the seeds and cut the base a little so that it is flat and has a good base. Candles are put inside a small glass and later they are introduced in the peppers, and if these are also kept fresh after doing their function, can be recycled to prepare a ratatouille.

And you, can you come up with original ideas for a centerpiece?

Video: Kitchen Chemists: Edible Candle (January 2020).