Rice pump from NM Arrossos from Qualitat, a gourmet product

If we have to talk about rice, a mandatory reference is to talk about the Valencian Community, where rice of great quality is produced. In one of our visits to gourmet food fairs we met a brand of rice that has ended up being one of our favorites, quality and flavor are two aspects present in its rice fields.

We talked about it in the post, Sivaris Rice in exclusive tubular cardboard containers, we highlighted an innovative design in the rice container, had won the World Stars for Packaging 2007 award for the best packaging design developed worldwide. One of the rice we stand out from the wide range that the company produces NM Arrossos of Qualitat, is the Bomba rice. We have consumed it on several occasions because it always offers us a good result in our recipes, for flavor and intensity, for its aroma ... in short, because it is a quality rice. We are rice lovers, we are very Mediterranean, and on several occasions we have encountered real fiasco, rice that neither showed the quality they preached, nor the presence that should correspond to quality rice, broken grains, black and defective.

On the other hand, the pump rice we are talking about is made up of impeccable white grains, they are short and round grains, ideal for our gastronomic preparations, paellas, risottos, broth rice ... It is possibly the enclave where this product is grown, a factor of weight in the flavor and in all the characteristics that a grain of rice can have, the Albufera of Valencia. It also influences the variety (Japan) and of course it is an own and artisanal production.

The NM pump rice can be found in any gourmet store at a price of around 5 euros per kilo, it really raises the quality of a dish.