These are the best cheeses in the world, according to the World Cheese Awards (and three of 16 are Spanish)

The World Cheese Awards contest has become one of the most prestigious in which cheese refers. This year they have submitted to contest 3,472 cheeses from 41 countries and after the celebration of the contest in Bergen (Norway) we already know the winners.

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The first prize has stayed at home and has fallen to the Fanaost cheese, an old gouda from the Ostegården cheese factory, in which milk is extracted from only 12 cows. Aged for 15 months, this cheese, says the jury, "has a crystalline texture, a soft sweetness and a long and tasty finish."

But among the cheeses that have achieved the highest distinction of the contest, the super gold medal of its category, We found fifteen Spanish cheeses.

Fanaost cheese, an old gouda from the Ostegården cheese factory.

A contest with many awards

The dynamics of the contest is very complex. Cheeses can be presented in more than 140 categories, depending on their style, maturation or manufacturing. Manchego cheeses, for example, have several categories, although not as many as cheddar or the parmesan. Between these, Cheeses are awarded with bronze, silver, gold and super gold medals. But, in addition, the sixteen best cheeses are chosen among all the super gold medals, with which a ranking of the best elaborations. Not counting, in addition, the special prizes awarded by sponsors.

Fifteen Spanish cheeses have obtained the super gold rating in their category, but it is also three of them are in the top 16. Are these:

1. Fortmage Madurat (Cheese factory Mas El Garet)

This cured organic goat cheese, from the Catalan cheese factory Mas El Garet (in the opening photo), has been considered by the jury of the World Cheese Awards as the best cheese in the category “pure semi-hard goat's milk” and as the sixth best in the world in the ranking final, making it the Spanish cheese that has achieved the highest rating.

As their manufacturers explain, we are facing a cheese that needs four months of maturation in large formats and eight weeks in small ones. When we cut it we discovered a closed, creamy and balanced texture. In the mouth, the correct ripening of the cheese shows character and uniqueness, with a natural taste.

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2. Majorero semi-cured with paprika (Cattle farmers of Fuerteventura)

Majorero cheese was the first goat cheese in the entire Spanish geography to obtain the Appellation of origin. Milk owes its quality to the majorera goat, with exceptional genetic qualities.

The Majorero is an uncooked, fatty, pressed pasta cheese with a compact cut dough, creamy texture and developed lactic flavor, slightly spicy in the most cured varieties. This, in particular, that has achieved the 11th position of the top 16 and the super gold medal in the category “Goat's milk cheese with additives” It is a semi-cured type with between 20 and 60 days of maturation.

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3. The Tostado Viejo Reserve (Queserías Entrepinares)

The Valladolid cheese factory has obtained the highest award for this cheese made from pasteurized cow, sheep and goat milk in the category “Cheese made with the milk of more than one animal”. It is a cheese that outside Spain is marketed under the name of La Reserva Tostado Viejo, but which in our country markets Mercadona under the name: Viejo Tostado.

The cheese factory has managed to get 13 medals in the contest, in different categories, but this cheese has also managed to reach the 13th place in the top 16.

More award-winning Spanish cheeses

In addition to these three cheeses, worthy of entering the ranking of the best in the world, 12 other Spanish cheeses have won the super gold medal in its category These have been the winners.

Cheese mixture cured with Don Apolonio wine

Beef, goat and sheep cheese cured with Castilla-La Mancha wine from the Don Apolonio cheese factory has obtained the highest rating in the category of “new hard or semi-hard cheese open to any new cheese marketed for the first time after 01/12 / 17 ”. In addition, he has been awarded the special award for "Best New Cheese in the World." It has not yet been put up for sale.

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Cured Marantona (La Casota)

This pressed cheese made from sheep milk of the Manchego breed with a minimum maturity of 8 months and a maximum of 12 months has won the gold medal in the category of “Manchego - curing”. The tasting note defines it as a cheese with “pleasant, lactic, intense and persistent flavor”.

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Marantona cured.

Oveja Winery, Finca de Uga

This cheese from Finca de Uga has been rated with the super gold medal in the category “Pure hard sheep's milk cheese”. It is a cheese between 5 and 12 months of maturation, with aromas of nuts such as roasted almonds, slight acidity, little spicy, and medium persistence.

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Semi-aged Sparker (Agrícola La Merced)

Best cheese in the world in the category “Manchego - semi-cured” This cheese has a minimum maturity of three months and is made with Manchego sheep milk from its own livestock, without mixing and raw.

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Cured Goat Cheese Raw Milk (“RRR” Handmade Cheese Factory)

This Granada cheese has won the super gold medal in the category “Pure hard goat milk cheese”. It is made with raw goat milk and a cure of approximately 5 months. Its palate is durable, rich in nuances with aromas of cream and hazelnuts.

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Cured goat cheese RRR

Cremositos del Zújar (Arteserena)

This Extremadura cheese, Torta del Casar type, has obtained the highest medal in a special category that opens for “any other cheese that has been awarded as Supreme Champion (or its equivalent) in a national or international competition of any country”.

It is a cheese made with 100% raw milk of Merina sheep, with coagulation with vegetable rennet, by maceration of pistils of the wild thistle flower.

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Portuguese Goat Cheese (Almazora Cheeses)

Super gold medal in the category “Pure hard cheese of goat's milk”, we are facing a typical cheese from Extremadura, but also Portugal (hence its name). "A careful elaboration throughout its curing process for 3 months results in an aromatic and soft cheese with excellent taste," says its tasting note.

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Portuguese goat cheese.

Iberian García Baquero

Super gold medal in the category of “cheese made with the milk of more than one animal” this cheese with milk mixture and a maturity of six months It is, according to this great cheese factory, “the best cheese to enjoy a perfect snack every day”.

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Miss Capra (Valdecabras)

Super gold medal in the category of "Pure soft cheese of goat's milk - matured with molds", this cheese from the Sierra de Gredos, made with vegetable rennet (from the flower of wild thistle), by the action of molds and yeasts.

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Cured Subaida (Subaida)

This menorquin cheese has won the super gold medal in the category of “Any hard cheese that has been granted a designation of origin (PDO / PGI / AOC)”, but also the bronze in the category “any hard cheese that is not find in another category ”and silver in“ hard cheese made in livestock or dairy plants with a total weekly average production that does not exceed 2 tons ”.

Qualifications aside, we are facing a cheese with Denomination of Origin Mahón-Menorca, which tastes like old wood given its six months of maturation.

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Cured cheese Subaida.

Washed Moss (Elvira García)

Another mixed coagulation abulian cheese, washed daily with distilled water and salt, which has won the super gold medal in the category “Pure semi-hard goat milk cheese”. The tasting note ensures that it has an intense smell, a firm and semi-soft texture, fruity, elegant and persistent flavor and memories of soft yogurt and sweet cereal notes.

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Ybleu (Handmade Cheese Factory Los Payuelos)

The only Spanish blue cheese that has obtained the super gold rating, specifically in the category “blue sheep's milk cheese”, is this Lions cheese from the Los Payuelos cheese factory, which has not yet been put up for sale.

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Images | Ostegården / Maselgaret.

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