Olive oil with ID soon

A collaboration agreement between the Junta de Andalucía and the University of Córdoba will allow the creation of a system that guarantees that what is inside a bottle of oil corresponds to the label it carries. This is one of the resolutions adopted in the agreements that will serve to avoid the cat by a hare and will also differentiate one oil from another, since each one brings different and special qualities.

The oils produced by each denomination will be analyzed in order to obtain the characteristics that differentiate them, the results obtained will be the seal or ID of each olive oil. Another interesting aspect is the development of a new system that guarantees the traceability of an oil with total certainty, for this the technology capable of authenticating the oil at the genomic level will be created. As for the packaging, these will carry a new barcode that will be the certification of the contents of the bottle.

A large investment will be made in order to eliminate fraud and guarantee consumers that the product they enjoy is totally authentic, although many efforts to guarantee and few to promote, something does not work. While it is true that it is necessary to ensure that what is provided to the consumer is completely authentic, it is also true that it is necessary to promote olive oil more tenaciously in our country and abroad.

Fraud is something that must be fought, but also the lack of food education, there are still those who believe that oils differ only by density or that the oil is harmful to the body.

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