II International Congress of Gastronomy and Health

It is being held in Pamplona on II International Congress of Gastronomy and Health. We have said it on several occasions, what we eat is closely related to the health we enjoy, we must strive to learn to enjoy eating always thinking about promoting our health while satisfying our palate.

Well, today ends a congress in which great chefs and health specialists, doctors and scientists have been involved, with the intention of making known and promoting that health also enters through the mouth.

In each presentation, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, a chef and a scientist have participated together, as well as a moderator who invites reflection and conclusions. There have been many who have left their mark on the congress, in terms of chefs, Paco Roncero, Dani García, Juan Mari Arzak, Raúl Alexandre, Pepe Rodríguez and Toshiro Konishi among other international professionals.

Within the framework of this event, yesterday the II Pamplona Prize for Gastronomy 2007 was awarded to Pierre Troisgros, founder of the "Nouvelle Cuisine" and holder of three Michelin stars, which Arzak described as "the best that has given the history of the kitchen".


This event, which has been held for the second time, intends to perpetuate itself and become a congress of rigor that unites science and nutritional medicine.

Possibly some of you have been able to attend and can share the most interesting of what happened at the II International Congress of Gastronomy and Health.