Cafeterapia in supermarkets

We have already spoken on occasion that coffee is not as bad as they said, provided that, like everything else, it is not contraindicated and consumed in moderation.

Well, know that during this month, you can find in different supermarkets to a team that wants to show you the new scientific evidence about coffee properties, its antioxidant power. Together with Saimaza, promoters and masseuses have joined together to inform and invite a session of "Coffee maker"Saimaza coffee tastings accompanied by relaxing massages at the temple with a natural coffee-based cream.

For further promotion, they also give a coffee dispenser, of course, after having a cup and receiving a quick massage, they may not have reached you too much, although who will not be surprised? You know, if you have to go to the supermarket, go ahead if you can enjoy the relaxing coffee massage.