"Estrella Galicia. A company. A century"

Estrella de Galicia beer is one of the most emblematic companies in Galicia and this year marks its centenary, for this reason a book has been published: "Estrella Galicia. A company. A century" which aims to collect the wanderings of this company with its "lights and shadows." It all begins when its founder José María Rivera Curral returns at the end of the 19th century as an emigrant in Mexico and with the money obtained he decides to start a business that initially focused on the production of ice and beer under the name of La Estrella de Galicia in The city of La Coruña.

The company was growing and in 1972 had to expand its facilities moving to a new factory, the old Cuatro Caminos becomes a brewery that continues to operate today throwing more than two million rods a year and is an emblem of the city, a must if you go to Coruña. The expansion continues and in the 90s it begins to open to new markets such as the US, Europe, South America and Africa. Today it is already the fourth generation Hijos de Rivera who have come to place this beer among the most drinks in the world. From here our congratulations.

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