Dictionary of tourism and leisure terms (English-Spanish / Spanish-English).

While it is true that most of us take the month of August on vacation, more and more people do so in September, October or November. It also depends a lot on what we are looking for, sun, tranquility, culture, etc ... Wherever we go, the English language empire is present in every corner of the planet, that's why Editorial Ariel, S.A. has taken the Dictionary of tourism and leisure terms (English-Spanish, Spanish-English), with the objective of systematizing in a lexicographic way the vocabulary specialized in four sectors: leisure, travel, restoration and accommodation.

The dictionary consists of more than 8,000 entries in each of the two parts. For the sake of space economy, many of the explanations contained in the first have not been repeated in the second part. This is the reason why it is recommended to consult both sections (English-Spanish, Spanish-English) when the meaning or use of the acceptance is incomplete or unclear, with the assurance that information can be found in both sections useful that will help to delimit and better understand the meaning of the term in question and, consequently, to make the appropriate decision for its translation. Published in Spanish its price is 30 euros and has 600 pages.