Burger King has arrived in Shanghai

In China there are currently 600 McDonald's establishments thanks to the expansion strategy carried out by this company. Is now Burger King the one that has passed the counterattack and has opened its first establishment in the city of Shanghai, one of the most developed in the Asian country.

The new establishment of Burger King is undoubtedly the prelude to many others that will open to start competing with the rival company McDonald's. Although Burger King will work to achieve the rival, McDonald's takes a few years of advantage and we can add that he intends to open 100 more centers before 2008. Although further away is the Kentucky Fried Chicken fast food restaurants, the first fast food to enter the Chinese market and that already has 1,200 establishments. The Asian country is a business reef for many of the existing fast food chains and surely in a matter of a few years, they will all be there.

We can begin to say that the problems of overweight and obesity will begin to flourish in a country, which to date had a minimum index for these types of problems.

Everything must be said, personally and at a given time when you have to turn to a hamburger to recover energy, we prefer Burger King, and you?