Modena vinegar, meet the authentic

He balsamic vinegar It has a great reputation, but let's talk about authentic "Aceto", the one that is really traditional of Modena. This vinegar is still unknown to many people, since the Denomination of Origin that protects it, protects only a few producers with truly severe demands.

The famous aceto, is made with cooked must that comes from the grapes of the area, it is left to age for a long time in boots of different sizes and woods, such as oak, cherry, chestnut, etc. They follow a system similar to that of the soleras and criaderas of the Spanish sherry. Many of the balsamic vinegars we know are not authentic, many are industrial vinegars that are produced from low quality wines, sweetened and darkened with sugar candy. In order to determine which one is true, we have to make sure that the label specifies tradizionale aceto, since the word "tradizionale" makes a difference with vinegars that are not protected under the Denomination of Origin.

In addition, the bottle of this vinegar is unique, it only has capacity for 1 dl and its design is also special, it has a square base and another difference that will undoubtedly teach us to determine what the real aceto is, its high price.

We have used vinegars called balsamic and we can assure you that they have nothing to do with the authentic tradizionale aceto, although lately in Spain very good balsamic vinegars are being produced that are gradually touching the quality of the famous vinegar of Modena.

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