Fig bread

A typical Spanish product is fig bread, it is a kind of flattened and round cake that is made from dried, chopped and pressed figs. It is a fairly complete food, its combination of nuts and figs, gives us great nutritional wealth.

Almonds, hazelnuts and spices are added to the fig bread, the latter can be pepper, clove, anise or cinnamon, but this will depend on the area where it is made. There are regions that also add brandy or orange peel.

The most prominent fig bread in our country is that made in the Villa de Cuevas (Almería), this is a product for the most foodies, although in the past, in times of shortage it was one of the population's favorite foods. Again, lifelong foods become part of modern cuisine that cares about offering healthy recipes with the usual flavors. An example is fig bread with muscatel ice cream,

At home we always have, because when our elders visit us, always thinking of a healthy and natural sweet, they enjoy it as dessert.

Video: Easy to Make Homemade Fig Bread (March 2020).