How to set up a tropical party at home to celebrate (or say goodbye) summer

After the equator of August, many look at the calendar with suspicion; September is approaching - fortunately - but there is still summer for a while. Whether we are on vacation or not, throw a party at home to squeeze the remaining days of heat is always a good idea, and what better theme than the tropical, in these dates?

Talk about tropical party is dive into the genres of the genre, of course, and we do it without qualms. Pineapples, flamingos, coconuts, bright colors, fluorescent cocktails, impossible straws and not missing the Hawaiian touch. We can even give everything with the most accessories kitsch Tiki air The important thing is to soak up the tropical environment, have fun and keep memories for the winter.

How to take the tropics home

We are not going to get fussy to analyze what it really means tropic environment or in which countries we will be inspired. When we think of a tropical party, we all get the same images in mind, however topical they may be. Too influenced by American pop iconography? Obviously yes, but in the end it is what all the guests expect.

Summer is the best time for imitate those tiki parties of the US cinema at home, and almost better to do it now when the return to school threatens around the corner. We can do it in the beach house, in the countryside or in the village, on the terrace or in the garden, but also in our city apartment. It's all about mating.

The good thing about a tropical party is that it doesn't require a large budget investment, it almost asks us to use disposable tableware and accessories. Better if we have a few plants of very green leaves or artificial equivalents, colorful flowers and many lights and candles to create atmosphere. Wicker and wood - although false - are welcome, as are any beach decorations.

DIY lovers have it easy to get carried away by Colored garlands, cardboard fruit decorations or paper flowers. Paper lanterns are almost essential, as are many fruit touches everywhere. Finding the balance between fun, elegant and the limit of the tacky is the key.

Essential Recipes

This is not about delighting with sophisticated dishes, fun and having fun without complications should be the goal of the party. So we will focus on bring the tropical environment with informal recipes that everyone likes, something that is easily achieved thanks to the versatile pineapple. Yes, even the controversial pineapple pizza is admitted.

Good hamburgers such as Tarantino's Big Kahuna will be a success, there are even very appetizing vegan options. If we can take advantage to start the barbecue or grill, much better, especially with smaller skewers and snacks to make a buffet bar. We add some tropical salads, some fish or seafood, and we already have a menu.

What can not be missing are drinks, preferably with lots of fruit, colors and fun glasses. We can serve cocktails more typical as margarita and mojito, but also simple but tasty juices or very refreshing smoothies. And that the accessories are not lacking so that they are truly tropical. And for dessert… ice cream! With pineapple and coconut, more would be missing.

Accessories for a tropical environment

Pineapples and more pineapples: the essential fruit if we look for a tropical environment. And we don't need to like its flavor, there are shaped accessories and pineapple drawings to bore. Starting with this set of plastic cups, with its straw included, ideal for parties with children, or these other disposable paper. If we get tired of pineapples, these very colorful Talking Tables tropical glasses are not bad either.

For complement drinks We can invest in fruit coasters such as these, flexible and that seem very durable. Also reusable are these ice cubes with fruit shapes, but much more important they seem to me straws. Let's opt for the easy, cocktail straws with 3D paper decoration, typical of beach bars. For just over 5 euros we have a set of 50 units. Another classic: the little colored umbrella I loved when I was little and they are already traditional summer.

If we have a pool we will have to take advantage of it. Who doesn't need a flamenco or palm tree inflatable coaster? Of course we can go big with this giant palm float to have cool drinks in the water. Another option is the shark-shaped drink float in the water, original and at a reasonable price of just over 30 euros. To take the tiki to the extreme we only need this set of glasses, colored glass with the typical Hawaiian type masks.

To accompany the snack we can give the table an atmosphere with this Hawaiian accessory, imitating the typical skirt with flowers of colors that will disguise even a simple table. The appetizer will look better with flamenco cocktail sticks like these, at € 3.99 the pack of 50, and some beautiful napkins, such as tropical Talking Tables, which also go hand in hand with paper plates. I also really like the sustainable woodware, like these dishes of which there are different models and shapes.

We finish with pineapples again, because they will never be enough at a tropical party. When the sun goes down there is nothing like giving atmosphere with some lights in line with the theme, and these fruit lanterns will give that perfect warm touch. Although you may have to be careful not to suffer pineapple overdose, why not mount a drink dispenser with a watermelon or melon?

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