Recipes for those who never cook and breakfast at a loaf of bread. Weekly menu from April 11 to 17

Although we may find it surprising, there are many people who do not know or do not like to cook. They simply are not interested or have not needed to learn. However, there are many occasions when you may need to get into the kitchen, and that's where these 17 recipes for those who never cook with which we inaugurate come great the weekly menu.

Normally, this review of everything we have cooked during the week we usually start with snacks, but this time we will start with the most important meal of the day: breakfast. More than anything because we have a wonderful full breakfast recipe in a loaf of bread that is wonderful.

Talking about bread, this week we have also prepared some original crisp nuts crispbreads, ideal to accompany a cheese board, and a quick bread bag that is perfect for when we have little time.

Of course, if what we are looking for a fast food, but that is delicious, there is nothing like having this New York Vegetarian Savory Cheesecake recipe prepared at home. He is screaming for us to take a piece.

We now take action, because we have three meat and poultry recipes that will make us suck our fingers:

To accompany, by way of Garrison, or even as a main course if we want, we can prepare an aromatic recipe full of contrasts such as this Moroccan ratatouille with dates.

We finally arrive at desserts, although this week they are only a trio, you will want to prepare all three:

Until next week!

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