Haddock in white sauce with vegetables. Light recipe

After a day of gastronomic excesses, we usually think of lighter recipes to recover from binge eating. When we have guests, it is hard for us to think of relatively light dishes that also make us look good. Such is the case with this pollock in white sauce with vegetables, which everyone will like, without being an excessively heavy dish or difficult to make.

Although it may seem like a caloric dish since it is a dish with sauce, it is made with evaporated milk and only has 60 ml for four people, so it would be light even if you did it even with cream or milk cream. In addition, the dish It includes many vegetables in its preparation so that together, it is very balanced and healthy.


For people
  • 1 kg pollock
  • Zucchini 1
  • Carrot 3
  • 100 g broccoli
  • 60 ml evaporated milk
  • Italian green pepper 1
  • Ground black pepper to taste
  • Fresh dill to taste

How to make pollock in white sauce with vegetables

Difficulty: Easy
  • Total time 20 m
  • Elaboration 5 m
  • 15 m cooking

We start preparing the vegetables. To do this, peel and cut the zucchini and carrot into sticks, chop the pepper into pieces of the same size and use a broccoli to use its trunk in this recipe and save the trees for other preparations.

In a pan, put two tablespoons of virgin olive oil and sauté the vegetables for a couple of minutes. Once they are all impregnated with oil, we add the salt and half a glass of water, leaving on high heat so that the vegetables cook quickly while the liquid evaporates. When there is no water left and the vegetables are starting to crack, they will be ready, a little al dente and with a very bright color. You can also steam them if you want the recipe lighter.

As for the fish, we ask the fishmonger to remove the clean loins and cut them in half. Then, we make them grilled in a wide pan by adding the cream and a few turns of pepper, when they have been cooked for two minutes per face. Let the evaporated milk cook to reduce and thicken for another two minutes.

We ride the plate placing a bed of vegetables on a platter, and distributing the eight half loins of pollock in four piles of two steaks. Decorate with a little dill on each pile and bring the pepper grinder to the table so that whoever wants to can add a little more.

With what to accompany the pollock in white sauce with vegetables

This Recipe of pollock in white sauce with vegetables It may be more caloric if you replace evaporated milk with liquid cream. Serve this recipe quickly and easily with a tomato and avocado salad and remember that you can make this dish using other fish such as hake or whiting, even with frozen fillets.