Weekly menu from August 10 to 16. Cakes, semi-cold, cookies and more.

This week we have been sweet, very sweet, that's why the weekly menu Today has many proposals for those who are looking for your ideal dessert. But as salty dishes are also necessary, we have prepared some salty recipes so you can complete the daily menus.

You will see that all are simple recipes, because at this point in the middle of August The least fancy is getting too complicated. You can eat very well without spending too much time in the kitchen, to have as much time as possible to go to the beach or the pool, stroll or just dive headlong into the dolce far niente. Let's go there.

We start with two salads well complete, so they can serve as a main course with a dessert. If you prepare them at home before leaving, on the way back you will find a delicious meal ready to be tasted. First of all a bean salad with watercress, cherry and ventresca and also a traditional Murcian salad.

One option that always turns out is pasta, that's why we have cooked a delicious vegetarian dish that will suit us all, whole wheat pasta with vegetables. And if there is a proposal that I love for hot summer dinners it is a salty cake like this cherry tomato pie and three cheeses.

Y we get to the sweet part of the menu. In recent days we have proposed many desserts and you have a wide range from which to choose, from cookies for breakfast or snack, to cakes or tartlets, to creamy ice creams. Surely some of them tempt you enough to want to try it:
* Condensed milk and cornstarch cookies
* Raspberry and cream cheese semifrio
* Lime and cream cheese tartlets
* Fine mango pie
* Light peach ice cream and fresh cheese
* British cream pie

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