The best of Direct to the Palate Answers XXVI

Once again, Wednesday arrives and as it is traditional, we review your interventions in our gastronomic forum to make this compilation we call The Best of Direct to the Palate Answers.

As always, we encourage you to continue using this section to ask your questions, to ask us to cook certain products or to consult anything related to gastronomy, since one of the editors or another reader of Direct to the Palate can give you the answer you need.

During the past fortnight, these have been the questions and answers that we have most valued among all the participants. Remember that you can also interact in that sense, marking if you have been useful or not the answers that have the questions.

  • When MJ asked, what is the ingredient you will never cook? I already imagined that this topic could give a lot of play. At the moment, among the answers that you have left us I am left with that of TresdeOros (although I don't share it) "I think the cream of milk. I am very disgusted to see her floating in the milk, sometimes I have separated it using the spoon and even that is repulsive. It is true that this ingredient is not used in the usual kitchen, but in my family there are stories of when my grandparents took the creams out of the milk to spread them on bread and added honey, or used them to make biscuits. I don't know that cream sponge cake recipe, but even if it were to beat it and make butter, I think it would be incapable."Although I don't like the cream that floats, I can not forget how my grandmother was saving that cream for those unrepeatable biscuits.And you?
  • With these heats, we have wondered what was your favorite cold soup or cream? and as expected, the salmorejo is among the chosen ones. But also the vichyssoise or the melon soup you have chosen Anna.R. Gelli They are very appetizing options. And you, do you recommend any other soup or cold cream?
  • Surely the good weather has encouraged more than one to go out for a picnic and so I asked you Liliana. Among the answers, we highlight the one of Reader that tells us his memories of the 80s: "I haven't been picnicking for many years. I used to do it with my children and my mother. In a Mini We could fit the four of us together with the table and a couple of folding chairs, a fridge with ice for fruit and drinks. In a separate basket, tupers with potato salad, rice, pasta, depended on what I had at home. Breaded chicken, or breaded neck loin. No eggs or tortillas, cooked ham or mayonnaise. Sliced ​​lettuce, whole tomatoes and a pot with olives. The dressing of oil and vinegar we carried with a couple of plastic bottles (of which were used for hairspray) There were no current sprays. I'm talking about 82/85. It has rained a lot."
  • We continue with the heat and ask ourselves, what drink do you fancy most when the temperature rises? and among your opinions, I want to highlight that of Liliana he remembers when he graduated: "I do not usually drink beer, but when it is very hot I recognize that it is great. You reminded me of my graduation day, that I was doing a horrible heat, and when I left the ceremony I did not recognize myself drinking so much, hahaha. To quench thirst I like the tonic, or a slush of natural fruit that is not very sweet (lemon or watermelon, preferably). Of course, when I have so much heat and so much thirst, the first thing I want is cool water."

And so our collection of this fortnight ends, but not before reminding everyone that for this Gastronomy Forum to be active and useful for everyone, we like to see how you continue to leave your doubts and questions and how you help others answering those of others readers or publishers Until in fifteen days.

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