Thermo Recipes. Cook Book

No doubt Christmas is the time to give away books, so if you have the Thermomix nothing better than you know, either for someone dear or to pay tribute to yourself, the new recipe book Thermo Recipes, written by the well-known blog of the same name that so many preparations have not given in these years of development made with the famous robot.

I have the Thermomix, many times it is missing recipes that are not those of the book itself that comes to you when you buy the robot, and although it is very true that now the Internet is an inexhaustible source of ideas, I like to consult a paper book and above all make sure that recipe comes out, and with those in this book, and I tell you from my own experience, things go as planned and confirm its more than 500,000 thousand views a week in your blog

Thus, the book consists of 40 recipes that could already be found on its page, but they have also wanted to include 60 unpublished recipes, which results in a very complete and varied work.

Their four authors They make us a very extensive tour that begins with market cuisine, made with seasonal ingredients. Then they make reference to international and fusion cuisine, to end their relationship of savory recipes with traditional dishes, those that are always good to have on hand, all bathed in creative and original brushes.

In the candy section the same scheme is repeated again as in salty preparations, with what we make with a few sweet recipes to always have some dessert to cook with our Thermomix.

Dishes such as beer lasagna and smoked bacon, poche eggs with foie and potatoes, Indian samosas, garlic soup, basil sorbet or Arabic cupcakes, are among many others some of the delicious recipes in this book.

With a very careful binding, a photograph of the full-page recipe, and the good explanations of its authors, for me it has become since I have it in an indispensable work when I want to cook with my Thermomix.

Thermo Recipes

Authors | Irene Arcas, Mayra Fernández, Ascen Jiménez, Ana Valdés
Editorial | Oberon
ISBN | 9788441536036
Price | 19.90 euros

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