Chicken breasts with cheese sauce. Recipe

The first time my girlfriend told me that her mother prepared pchicken echugas with cheese sauce I thought I was kidding. Then, when I saw that I was not kidding, I was curious, and in the end I ended up testing it and incorporating it into my recipe book.

And although it may be strange to use cheese to make a sauce (and a little more strange it will seem to you when you read the step by step) the result is of tom pan y moja, literally.

Ingredients for 2 people

  • 6 chicken breast fillets, 2 medium onions, 8 cheeses (portioned cheese), 1 glass of water, oil, salt and pepper

How to make chicken breasts with cheese sauce

We start by seasoning the chicken breasts and cutting the onion into julienne. Then, in a large skillet with a little oil, brown the breasts on both sides (in two better batches). Remove the breasts and, in the same oil, put the onion to poach. The onion has to be slightly poached, but it does not need to be caramelized, and it is important to avoid burning.

With the onion ready, add the glass of water and the cheese to the pan. If we want, we can substitute half a glass of water with white wine, or even add a splash of brandy and flatter the onion. Then, over medium heat, we stir and shred the cheese until the sauce is taking shape.

Finally, we adjust the salt and pepper sauce we incorporate the breasts. We let them permeate well with the cheese sauce and serve with plenty of bread, because this dish is very wet.

Processing time | 30 minutes
Difficulty | Easy


Despite my initial reluctance, I must admit that chicken breasts with cheese sauce They are a vice, and to which you neglect you are lovingly distributing the last steak with your partner, but be careful that you do not give the smallest piece. The casserole, of course, remains so flooded that it does not even need cleaning.

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