Steaks fillet with crispy and salad, recipe for a light dinner (and complete)

This dish is a complete food because it contains ingredients from all groups and can serve you both for a lunch at noon and for a dinner, being very satiating in both cases. The Steaks with crispy salad They will also serve to take advantage of leftovers that you can have in the fridge.

With two steaks, which could be pork, beef, or even chicken breasts, cooked on the grill, a few pieces of phyllo pastry that I had left over when I prepared the recipe for the crispy pear envelopes, some green leaves and a homemade carrot puree, we have prepared this great combo plate.

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For 2 persons
  • 2-blade phyllo
  • Beef steaks of 75 g each, (units) 4
  • Butter 10 g
  • Lettuce mixed to taste
  • Carrot 4
  • Vegetable broth 200 ml
  • Potato 1

How to make steaks with crispy and salad

Difficulty: Easy
  • Total time 40 m
  • Elaboration 20 m
  • 20 m cooking

We start preparing carrot puree. Cut the peeled carrots and the potato and cook them in the broth for 25 minutes. Crush and then steal and rectify salt. It is convenient to crush very well so that it is a very fine cream.

To make the crispy phyllo dough, we painted the leaves with a brush dipped in melted butter in the microwave and place them two by two on rings to place, to give them a certain volume. Bake at 200 ° C until golden brown. Let it cold down.

Meanwhile, we cook the grilled fillets, without using any oil. When we turn the steaks, we add some crystals of salt and pepper to our liking. It will take 2 minutes on each side with the pan very hot so that they are in place.

We assemble the dish by placing two tablespoons of mashed carrots, on them a steak and partially covered with bits of phyllo dough and with varied green leaves so that the dish reaches an appetizing volume. We place the second fillet and repeat the operation.

With what to accompany the fillets with crispy and salad

Recognize that between a normal grilled steak with salad garnish and these Fillet steaks with crispy and salad, things change a lot, don't you think? It is possible to make a light lunch or dinner without being boring if we put a little imagination. To accompany them and complete the menu, I recommend a light dessert based on fruit like these oranges with chocolate and pistachios.

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